Sunday, April 13, 2008

Eating Locally!

Yesterday it was such a beautiful day, we knew it was time to set up the vegetable and herb patch we'd talked about all winter. Here's the area of side yard we picked out to plant.

This edging was pretty flimsy. We used a staple gun to keep the wood on the webbing. Nigel cut some short lengths of metal with his trusty tin snips to reinforce the corners. We weren't sure if the frame would hold the soil.

Here's the soil, ready for planting.

Our fledging patch! Peas, cherry tomatoes, and Roma tomatoes in the row closest to the fence. Romaine and red leaf lettuce in the middle row. Basil, cilantro, flat leaf parseley, and pumpkin seeds in the front row.

We potted a few things too: rosemary, oregano, and a bush bean seedling.


Celine said...

this is fantastic! I want a garden of my own, so bad.

Bobbi said...

Thanks Celine! We don't actually know what we're doing where gardening is concerned, so we'll see what happens!