Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Dinner at Vita Cafe

My first time there! Nigel accompanied me reluctantly, owing to his love of meat and his distant memory of a bad Vita Cafe experience several years ago. Claire is always game for anything.

I appreciate that Vita Cafe's menu is overwhelmingly vegan. If you like meat analogues, you won't be disappointed. I don't particularly care for fake meat; I ordered the Lemongrass Noodle Bowl with added tofu. Tasty, lots of veggies, a pretty good meal, but I wasn't blown away with pungent flavors as I'd hoped. Nigel and Claire both ordered the salmon cakes (there is some fish and even beef burgers on the menu) and seemed to find them tolerable. The highlight was the piece of chocolate-strawberry cake we shared. Our friendly waitress informed us that all the cakes are vegan and gluten-free. It was delicious! I found myself shmooshing cake crumbs into the back of my fork and licking it unapologetically.

The only unpleasantness for me was when a customer wandered by our table who reeked of patchouli. But I can hardly blame the cafe itself for this.

Sorry no pics. I just started this blog, and I'm only accustomed to photographing food in the privacy of my own home. Must get over this.

Vita Cafe
3024 Ne Alberta St
Portland, OR 97211
(503) 335-8233


Isa said...

I've been there 3 times this week. I really like their breakfast! And lunch. And dinner.

elizabet said...

The $5 Wednesday specials are
GREAT and Thai Pasta...sign me up!!!

Bobbi said...

Isa, you've already been there twice more than I have, and I've been in Portland for 8 years!

Elizabet, I noticed the sign for Wednesday specials and made a mental note to make my next trip there on a Wed!

Katie said...

My friends live near the Vita, so we pretty much always go when I'm in town. I mostly like it for dessert and bloody marys.