Sunday, April 27, 2008

A cello and dog kind of evening

Nigel left today for a business trip, Claire is at her dad's on Sundays, so it's just me and the dog, Bowlie. I shot this low-quality bit on my digital camera to email to Nigel. I like how Bowlie got involved. Caveat #1: I am a beginning cello student, so expect some squawkiness and out-of-tune parts. Caveat #2: playing cello isn't vegan, because bows are strung with horse hair, but I am not aware of any alternatives.


VeganFabulous said...

Wow that was awesome! How did you get into the Cello?

Bobbi said...

Thanks! I played cello from ages 8 to 11, then a few years ago I took lessons for several months, and just last month I started lessons again. I'm going to stick with it this time! I really like my teacher, and the cello I'm playing in the video is one that I am trying out and will probably buy (to replace the cheap-o student cello I currently play).

Anonymous said...

Nice!! I just picked up the violin - two more people and we've got a (un)vegan quartet!