Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vegan Brunch!

Wow, I haven't blogged in months. I've been immersed in our new house, we've fixed up the kitchen and the backyard area the most, pics to come. But first... FOOD! Hot off the presses is Isa Chandra Moskowitz's latest cookbook, Vegan Brunch, and the first thing I made from it was these Courico Tacos with Roasted Pineapple Salsa. The recipe calls for soy curls, which I would have blogged about a couple of months ago when I discovered them, because they are amazing. Alongside them is the Roasted Potato recipe, also from Vegan Brunch. Holy moly this was an awesome meal!

Next I made the Blueberry Ginger Spelt Muffins, which I loved a little too much. I gave most of them away, lest I eat them all in one sitting. I did manage to eat three of them, and I don't regret a single morsel. And spelt is practically gluten-free! Woo!

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